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The Fair is the same story of Cocentaina . Not surprisingly started in 1346 thanks to the privilege granted by Pere the Cerimoniós (II of Valencia and IV Arago ) to celebrate and has continued organizing to this day thanks to the estimated land and traditions, the dynamic and enterprising spirit of the people Cocentaina .

Year after year we celebrate a new edition , because we've got here through centuries , plagues , epidemics, wars , social conflicts, times of peace and progress and, above all , by the determined will of a people , not to mention the past, looking to the future work of improvement and social integration.

The passage of time has affected the content of Fira, and it was a county agricultural and livestock market has become a showcase of farming activities as always, by the exhibition of agricultural machinery and automotive media , craft activities , Arab market , medieval market and other activities meet for three days , over four hundred exhibitors , who come from all over the Spanish State , with a number of people who , certainly , more than three hundred fifty thousand visitors.

This mobilization has had a special impact in recent years , in which we have had better management and advertising, as well as the dedication of more resources to the town , along with the good and invaluable help of different public institutions and other agencies concerned with the promotion and preservation of our roots , but also for creative activities related to agriculture and commerce.

And finally, as a phenomenon of our time , include the accompanying cultural and sporting events that are an example of the mobilizing force of Fira , among which we highlight the exhibitions, book fair , the choral competitions , the fair attractions for the little ones, displays and rides dressage, musical concerts , breakfasts popular Feria, the performances of dance groups , various street performances , juggling, demonstration workshops ( blacksmiths , looms, cattail , bread etc. . ) , exposure and falconry displays ...

Text Privilege Fair 1346:

'I, Peter wanted, by the grace of God, King of Aragon
Cocentaina you order them without interruption
handle a fair length of the days of fifteen
and either to San Miguel celebration.

And because the Fair become one of the best,
may not be interrupted unless force majeure.
Anyone who either seller or buyer be
Fair and I again go under my protection.
Nobody can stop or in prison,
except that they are thieves, traitors or assailants,
also if they are sodomites or counterfeiters
order them for these people there is no forgiveness.
In addition, ways and order them to all my captains
save and save them to do this royal order
and sign it before the authorities in Valencia
1346 a twelve month of May.'

Declaration of National Tourist Interest
Declaration of National Tourist Interest
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