• NAME: Gelateria Cafetería la Ibense
  • ADRESS: Passeig del Comtat, núm.:4 i núm.:77
  • TELEPHONE CONTACT: 96 559 04 23
  • FACEBOOK: Heladería Cafetería Laibense Cocentaina

At present this run by Rafael Miralles Clement, belonging to the 4th generation of Ice-cream makers. He has managed to unite tradition with innovation, we invite you to enjoy your ice cream becomes an experience of pleasure, like nougat ice cream, oreo, 'mantecado', chocolate, catalan cream, cream, meringue milk, strawberry, straccitella, tutti-fruti, biscuit, cookie, philadelphia with strawberries or blueberries, etc. .

We have a line of ice cream for those who have any kind of allergy or food intolerance: nuts, milk, soya, egg, grains (celiac disease), diabetic, diet creams, low in calories.

Real artisan iced coffee, decaffeinated coffee, horchata, lemon water, lemon black water (made with burned sugar), which combined with coffee liqueur is the typical and popular 'mentira'. Smoothies, iced drink rich in fruit with an intense natural flavor.

We also offer a range of half cold cakes: oreo, death by chocolate, cheese with blueberries, sacher cake grandma. Frozen cakes and bars.

Sale of ice and slush at Passeig del Comtat No.: 4 and No.: 77. We have a terrace at Passeig del Comtat No.: 77, with cafeteria lunches and snacks. And where you can feast your ice and slush.
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The Ibense
The Ibense
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